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Your Privacy

The iOS app you have installed contains an iMessage Sticker pack and a Custom Keyboard. 

Specifically for the keyboard when you install it and set it up you will need to turn on the setting to "Allow Full Access" and Apple gives you a warning about doing this. This is a good warning and you should be aware of what it means. In the case of any Slaphost Games sticker application the keyboard exists and sole function is to provide access to the stickers from the App and iMessage Sticker Packs. This way you can copy / paste stickers into different apps that you otherwise could not, like Facebook, Messenger, Kik, Email, WhatsApp, etc.

Slaphost Games sticker applications do have a limited and anonymous set of events within the application that are measured to make sure that we can provide the best stickers and experience. At no time is any personal information available, seen, captured or otherwise used when you use any of the Slaphost Games sticker applications.

We really hope you enjoy the sticker packs and get a lot of use out of them. We want you to enjoy the experience and know that your activity and data within the app, the keyboard or iMessage sticker packs is completely safe. In short, we don't want your data or information so we don't collect it. Enjoy!